Take it to the Lord in Prayer: Psalm 6 7-19-2020 Live Zoom with Communion.

Sorry for the delay. Between editing and poor internet speeds, this service took longer than usual!!
Come check out our new Summer Sermon Series:Psalms of Lament:Take it to the Lord in Prayer

YouTube link for Worship Service:https://youtu.be/5fpR_bN_rsU
Links to Music:
1) Precious Lord, Take My Hand:https://youtu.be/jHBzI_Jb-o4
2) Special Music: What a Friend:https://youtu.be/LarFhGeE-ac
3) Communion Hymn – Come to the Table:https://youtu.be/vMa5pWwm3z0 
4) Come As Your Are:https://youtu.be/HELQyZNnR-g
5) Sanctuary;https://youtu.be/QJ-Tuc6sMk8